First layer corners

How to solve the first layer of the Rubik’s Cube

You should be able to solve the first layer without any guidance.If you can already do the first layer then move on to solving the second layer. If not then I will guide you along.

white face completeThe picture on the left shows how the cube should look when the top layer is done. The orange and blue on the back should look the same. The cubelets that are colored gray are of no concern at this point.

We’re gonna start with white as the top (the first cube layer). We are also gonna do the corners first and then the center pieces. You should be able to figure this out by yourself so I am going to just give you some pointers.

The corners

Below you’ll find three cases to insert the white front-bottom-left piece to the front-top-left position, depending on its initial orientation. When all the unsolved white corners are in the upper layer use the same method to pop it out.
solution white corners left
Find a white corner in the bottom layer and put it directly under where it need to be put at as shown on the image. If the white part of the corner is on the front of the cube then you are good to go, just do the following.

case 1 front

fi di f

If it is on the left hand side then hold the cube so what is the left becomes the face.You want to be looking directly at the white part of the

corner to be moved to the top layer. Now do the following.

white on the left

di fi d f

If it is on the bottom of the Rubik’s Cube the hold the puzzle as the first instance and do the following.

bottom case

l d d li didi fi d f

You can now use one of the two methods above to place the corner. Completing this stage your cube should look like the picture below.

finished corners

Ok we’ve gotten this far now lets do the white edge pieces.