Last layer

Solving the bottom layer

yellow topYour cube should now look like the picture on the left. What we need to do next is flip it over so yellow is now the top and white is the bottom. Now when you look down at your cube you will be looking at yellow.

The next step is getting the cross.

The cross

Look down at the top of your cube. You will see one of the following patterns. We are only concerned with the ones that are yellow in the pictures. The rest can be any color, marked with grey on the image. The first one is what we are looking for. See how it makes a cross shape.

yellow cross on the top

If you have any of the other three then hold your cube so that it is algined just like in the picture that matches yours. Do the following one time. Realign and do again if needed until yours looks like the cross. You may have to do this up to three times.

f u r ui ri fi

Aligning the corners

When we have the cross we need to get the top corners put in the correct location to match the side center colors. We are not worried about the way the corners are sitting we will rotate them in the next step. We want to just get the corners so that the top green and red corner is over the bottom green and red corner and so on, all four lined up.

You will either have two corners diagonal from each other or two corners next to each other that are where they need to be. So turn the top layer till you have two that align with the bottom corners. This is a little hard to spot but if everything was done correctly at least two corners will line up. If all four line up then do nothing and skip this step.

If two corners align next to each other then hold those two corners in your left hand and do the move below one time and everything should be in place.

If two corners diagonal from each other line up then hold the cube so one correct corner is in the left front position and do the move below. Have another look at your cube you should have two corners next to each other that line up. Then reposition as stated above and do the move again.

l ui ri u li ui r

Great we are down to just two more steps. All that’s left is to rotate corners and the finish the edge pieces.